If you have been directed to this website while searching for Flikover, then rest assured you are at the right place. Flikover is no doubt a brand when it comes to buying Group buy SEO tools. You can expect the best quality services of your group SEO tools if you have been associated with Flikover.

If you are new to this name or don’t have a detailed idea about this brand in the SEO industry, then you don’t need to worry. Here we’ll cover some integral details and features through which you’ll understand the brand and its reputation in the industry in detail. Let’s not get into other things and get straight to the discussion of this highly valued brand.

Features of Flikover:

Obviously, if you are new to this field or haven’t been accustomed to this brand name previously, then you won’t have much idea about the features that make this brand a unique one. So, let’s start with the basic features.

Stable Service:

In SEO group buy, the stability in service is seldom guaranteed. Even if it is, you won’t find the stability in services much often. But Flikover is unique in this regard as it promises an up time of 95% to all the buyers. This means that there are only limited chances that you won’t be able to use the tool in the best possible way. For the rest of the time, the tools that you have purchased would work perfectly fine. 

Professional Support Team:

We value your time and this is why providing multiple modes to contact us in case of any query. Apart from the presence of diversified modes of communication, we ensure that our support team is available to answer your questions 24/7, at least on some of the specific applications through which you can reach us. 

Additionally, we put in great efforts to ensure that you get professional but friendly response to all your queries. So, with all these features of the customer support, you can reach out to us anytime and we’ll save your query in minds, helping you save your time and invest it in the productive activity.

Affordable Process:

We are actually providing more services for a lesser cost in comparison to the competitors. You can get combo of tools from us at very reasonable price. The low pricing strategy is maintained at Flikover just to help clients with low budgets. The use of such a strategy helps us in reaching more customers but at the same time, it ensures the availability of originally expensive SEO tools for all. 

Security and Safety:

As Flikover is an established name of trust so how can it let the customers suffer from the lack of security and safety issues. In order to address these issues for the customers, Flikover base its services on direct to gin model. In some cases, it provides the extension or portability of the tools for access. This ensures that the entire network of the company remains virus free. So, you can access it easily and continue using it to generate valuable results for you. 

Instant Access:

If you would be buying from Flikover, one of the most important benefits that you would get is that you’ll have instant access to the tools and package that you have opted for. There are no waiting periods or lags in providing you with access to your favorite tools. In case you face any such issue, you can contact our support team immediately and we’ll resolve any issue right away. However, there are very limited to no chances of such an event to cause any sort of problems for you.

Wide variety of tools:

We know that the main reason for buying Group SEO services is the diversification of tools that you can get through the package. This is why we ensure that you find every important tool that you are looking for when buying your package from Flikover. 

In case you don’t find all the tools that you need in the package we offer, you can get in touch with us and get the tool you require separately. Our main priority at Flikover is to help you in the best possible way and we try doing it in this situation as well. 

Access to tools through multiple platforms:

Like some of our competitors, our aim is not to limit the usage of the tools or to create any sort of uneasiness for you. This is why we provide ease to them in accessing their favorite tools. Apart from Chrome Extension, remote access is also provided to the users, which enhances the overall usability to a great extent.

No usage limits imposed:

Some of our competitors provide limited access to the tools for which you have paid while purchasing group buy tools. However, at Flikover we do not impose any such limits, as we believe that using the tools to generate maximum benefit from them is your right. You can use all the tools freely. 

However, we do not allow our members to share their passwords and login details with the other users. This is because we are already charging a nominal fee for the group buy services and we can’t let multiple users to share the same account. Moreover, it will clog are system and would increase the security risks. We hope that you’ll abide by the terns and policies that we have set for the provision of services.


In short, Flikover enjoys a brand reputation in the community of SEO experts and professionals. You can get these group SEO tools from us too and be the part of our community. If you want to register for the services, click here for SEO tools. In case you have any questions, then you can contact customer support.