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Piktochart is an excellent graphics tool that provides easy to use software for smart and sharp presentations. We are offering this as part of a bundle of software for a great price all in.

At some point in their development, the vast majority of businesses, whether based on the internet or not, will require some sort of marketing strategy as a way to reach potential costomers and to increase their profile. The object of this exercise can be to draw attention to the latest news, for the more specific needs of a product drive or possibly a pricing campaign. The details of all this will need to be highlighted to the potential consumer in an attractive and “easy to get” manner. Piktochart enables a user to do exactly that as a beginner to graphic design or for those who are more experienced. Piktochart reviews posted on the web are very favourable from all ages and levels of user.

The potential user may choose from a library of templates of infographics, posters, presentations and reports There is a Piktochart free trial that allows access to a number of good looking designs for the basic starting point of the desired presentation. . There are hundreds more template designs available through paid subscription. For an upgrade, there are two levels of Piktochart pricing a Lite entry or Pro level that will give access to a whole range of different types and designs that are not available for the Piktochart trial.

The cost of upgrade is an option of a monthly deal for the Lite user at $15.00 per month of for the more comprehensive Pro Level is at $29 per month. The larger version offers more features and four times the amount of available image upload.

The Piktochart Group Buy offers this quality graphics tool plus more than 20 others for only $27 per month – unbeatable value.

Just pick a template

You’ll have access to a weekly updated library of over 600 professionally-designed templates. Finding a style that fits your message is easy.


Create long-form infographics that draw more page views to your blog or website, and watch traffic skyrocket.



Delight and blow your prospects away with visually-enticing infographics, which can be presented on slideshows with our Presentation Mode.


Enhance your posters and reports and spread information at a glance. Easy to print, easy to share, easy to stand out.


Then, make it unique

Edit text, fonts, and colors. Change as much or as little as you want to.

Charts & Maps

Impress your audience with bar charts, pie charts and more. Easy for you to set up, even easier for your visitors to understand.

Specific Icons

Find icons to fit any purpose from thousands of designer graphics. Ready-made text frames will help you save more time.

Photos & Videos

Browse through our library or upload your own to create powerful visuals. Embed videos to make your creation come to life.

Import Your Data

Instantly visualize your data or survey results with our Google Spreadsheet and SurveyMonkey import features.


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