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Spyfu Group Buy: The Advantages of Using Spyfu

If you want to know what your other competitors online are up to and at the same time download their keywords and ads while increase your own traffic and conversions then Spyfu software is for you. Spyfu helps to expose the secret formulas from different online competitors. The software is can look every domain and their places up in search bars- from keywords to rankings. It is important for a page to increase its own traffic because that would mean there are many viewers visiting the site. You can avail this tool in by placing order on https//


Spyfu will monitor you paid SEO rankings for you in all search engines. If you have great and reliable information that will help you connect with other contacts then that would help produce more sales.

With Spyfu you can search for a competitor and see every keyword they have encountered from Goggle and other ad test. You can help in your promotion of your own website and learn from your opponents online mistakes.

To employ this device, a user can:

  • enter a keyword term
  • a company name
  • a URL
  • a category, or
  • a business to get competitive information

Mainly significantly, this tool make known what keywords competitors are commanding on and also how they optimize their websites, knowing all of these are significant. It is constructive as it permits its users to recognize terms competitors are using that they were not able to identify.

The Standard Cost Are Known

There is a list of average cost per click and its costly terms per day. Imagine how nice it is to know how much your competitors are willing to spend money on ads every single time. Spyfu will do that on your behalf and by this strategy you can use it to your advantage and help your own site earn more visits. Go for a collective buying now with Spyfu Group Buy for discount or less priced.

Spyfu information at the keyword point:

  • the known quantity of advertisers
  • the top 5 adwords results with ad
  • the known price per click
  • the known click per day
  • the charge per day

The domain level:

  • the top 10 ads
  • the top 20 ad competitors
  • the standard cost per click
  • the standard clicks per day
  • the total clicks per day
  • the standard ad competitors
  • the standard ad position
  • the approximate daily marketing budget
  • the so-called alexa grade

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