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Grammarly is a browser-based app that allows you to keep yourself from embarrassing yourself grammatically when posting in social media, image boards, and/or forums by recognizing right on your browser if you’ve made a spelling mistake or not. In SEO terms, Grammarly SEO RDP serves as your SEO spellcheck of sorts in order to ensure your articles and web content are excellent in terms of readability.

It is a service that enables you to write clearly and communicate your ideas better by checking your grammar in real time. The Grammarly SEO RDP used as part of the SEO bundle of SEORDP is something a webmaster or Internet marketer could use to create or spin articles for their site without having to hire writers to do it for them.

Types of Product Available

Grammarly is basically an extension or add-on that corrects your grammar (but doesn’t autocorrect it in light of the problems it has caused non-tech-savvy phone users who don’t know how to turn autocorrect off). It’s more than a glorified in-browser spellchecker because it enables Internet marketers to prevent their copy from looking amateurish without bothering to run a word processor.

Pros and Cons

The main downside to Grammarly is its need for the user to sign up as a member of its site before its services could be availed of. Many in-browser spellchecker and grammar checker add-ons don’t require you to sign up or sign in to anything at all. With that said, Grammarly remains a lot more advanced than the barebones spellchecker found in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

How to Use Grammarly

Go to the Grammarly webpage. Install the add-on or extension for your browser. Sign up for an account. From there, the program should automatically detect when you’ve made grammar mistakes then lists down the number of spelling or grammar errors you’ve made.


For those who are concerned that Grammarly is not needed and all you need to do is open your word processor for a decent spellcheck, rest assured that the program is more advanced than a typical spellchecker and it’s worth the quick download and sign up. In SEO terms, it’s perfect for clear, concise, and error-free engagement with your audience during social media interactions.

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