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Monitor Backlinks, Spy on your Competitors, Get Advanced Reports and Alerts about Your Websites, Optimize Your E-Commerce Website, Hunt The Best Products, Get Updates About What’s Running and Performing Best on Internet.

If you’ve found yourself on our website, welcome! You have come to a platform that is quickly growing in the world of Search Engine Optimization. We make a point of understanding the needs of our customers and providing them with the perfect tool to get the job done. This is one of the main reasons our customers stay with us.

We offer you the world’s first and most advanced All-In-One SEO Tools Sharing Platform, with everything in one place, instant access, and top notch support.

All of our tools are monitored and updated daily. They are highly comparable to what the competition offers, however, we only charge a nominal amount for all of the tools we offer. If you were to look at these tools’ original prices, you would find they are much higher elsewhere.




Since 2012, we have prided ourselves in providing the best SEO Tools sharing service on the net. Not all providers are created equally and this also goes for their SEO Tools. 

We have become the pioneers in the SEO Tools sharing industry for a reason. We provide the latest technology system, offer the best monitoring service, and our highly skilled team is here to serve you.

Unlike many other providers, our tools won’t disappoint you and will work when you most need them. 

With other providers you are faced with exceeded limit issues, tools logging out while in use, issues with expired subscriptions, and illegally purchased tools. Our platform has none of these issues. We offer a completely reliable service.


We are the first SEO Tools provider that offers a Cloud-based infrastructure to our customers. This means you don't need to install extensions , portable browsers or download special software to use our service.


One of the issues we have seen with most “Group Buys” services is that they steal tools from each other. We don't rely on other services for our tools. All of our tools are purchased by us legally. We also monitor our tools on a daily basis to ensure the highest uptime for our customers.


Our self-developed system is fully automated, which enables us to provide our customers with instant access to our tools. PayPal purchases allow for no waiting time and there is nothing that you need to do manually.


Our support is available 24/7 from our highly trained and experienced staff. We have staff in-house as well as outsourced in order to cater to all of our clients' queries. Using multiple channels of support, our tech and customer care are second to none.


Our system is custom developed and Cloud-based deployed. Our security measures mean you do not have to worry about malware or viruses infecting your system. We strive to be reliable and always keep your data and privacy as a top priority.


You get 30+ SEO/PPC/Spying tools that are worth $3,000(USD) or more. Our packages also include high priority support for all of our customers. You get access to a top system for an amazingly affordable monthly fee that starts from just $30.00.

We Are The Pioneer And #1 SEO Tools Provider In The Industry

With the growing number of SEO Group Buy Tools related fraud cases prevailing, customers have been lucky if they have escaped and remained safe using these packages.  We can guarantee that our services are not among those providers who have conned their customers and have charged extortionists prices from them.  All you need to do is look at the amazing and safe services that we offer to get a clear idea of why we have remained a top provider for so long.

We Won’t Disappoint You

The service that we provide our customers and their positive feedback speak for itself.  It’s for this reason that our customers have recommended us to so many others, inviting them to join our amazing platform.  We’ve had many new customers come to us, after having thrown away thousands of dollars on fraudulent providers, looking for SEO Group Buy Tools that legitimately work.  We understand their frustration and irritation and strive to make their satisfaction our top priority.  We also know that everyone has a different budget to work with.  It’s for this reason that we have made our services accessible to all with tools that provide a total solution while remaining affordable.

We Know What You Need

Having worked in the industry for several years now, we know what is on our customer’s minds and what they really need.  It’s for this reason that we offer them tools that are essential for each individual need.  All of the tools that we offer are popular, professional, qualitative, and exceptional.   They may be low in price but they are high in performance!

Perfect For Everyone


Bloggers, website owners, entrepreneurs, and SEO enthusiasts will find all of our tools are easy to use and fit for purpose.  We offer the best deals that can be found.  Even if you are a light to medium usage level user, we have shared account packages that will work best for you.  Regardless of your profession, you will find our services beneficial for everyone.  

Digital marketers love us because our tools help them increase traffic to their websites, making it easy for them to gain top rankings.  Our tools will help you keep an eye on your real-time competitors and show you the best insight reports.  Our tools are highly compatible with all devices and we offer the best 24/7 customer support to help you with all of your queries in a timely manner.

Our high levels of efficiency are all down to our highly automated in-house system, so we will never leave you stuck for help, answers, or the perfect SEO group buytools for your situation.  Our customers are always our top priority.  Now is the perfect time for you to join us.  Let us serve you by helping to give your business that huge boost it needs.  Our platform is your one-stop solution.  Stop throwing money away on lesser products and services and join our platform today!  You’ll be satisfied that you did.


We believe in quality therefore to avoid over usage we only allow limited members in our group buy.



No manual verification or any kind of lengthy activation process, subscribe via PayPal now and get instant access to all the pro tools on your dashboard.


We are the only providers providing access to 30+ SEO tools via SAAS based platform. A unique cloud based system 24/7 "Always-On" platform, no need to download any portable browser or Google Chrome extension, Works on all devices like Desktop / Laptop / Mobiles.


Most provider does not support MAC or Linux We support all. As we do not require any 3rd party installation, our cloud based system allows to support all major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, IOS, Android, ChromeOS, Linux and other operating systems


No proxy connection, no waiting times, one click access. Our system is completely hassle free, all you need to do is login into our system and click tool of your choice that's it, you will be able to access 30+ SEO tools without getting into any kind of lengthy process.


Mostly provider adds trial accounts of useless tools to increase the numbers. We are professionals, we use this system for our own projects too. We know what is important for our members therefore we only provide premium tools to our members.


A team of professionals available to monitor all the available tools. We have in-house team of skilled professionals who monitors usage of all tools and bans abusers and leechers. We provide maximum uptime to our customers by focusing on tools monitoring.


SEO Group Buy service is trusted by leading professionals like Bloggers, Marketters, Content Creators, SEO Professionals, PPC Advertisers, Amazon Affiliate and professionals from many other relevant fields.


Our service is must have for SEO professionals we provide all-in-one tools platform with best SEO tools available to boost your rankings.


We provide best domain research and content spinning tools that helps PBN makers to build and rank their PBNs easily.


We provide best tools for keyword research and websites monitoring, and tools that makes content creation easy, that makes our service must have for Bloggers and content creators


Best tools for E-Commerce professionals, Amazon , E-Bay research tools helps you to find best products and earn $$$


Best spying and advertisements analysis tools helps PPC marketers to get best out of their campaigns

Get Best SEO Group Buy Subscription For Reasonable Prices


The SEO Tools Sharing platforms you see around the web use what we call gray-hat products. Say you and a couple of friends chip in to by a service. The service is only meant for a single license user but you are all using it to do your day to day tasks. Tool providers don’t like having their services exploited in this way.  Many of these SEO Group Buy tool providers are providing you with services illegally, which could end up getting their end-users, such as yourself, in trouble.


Not all SEO tools service providers operate like this.  We have been in this business for 7 years.  All of our tools are purchased legally through their legal creators/owners. We never share login credentials! 


Another issue is that many providers will use tricks to hack accounts.  This is an unprofessional and dirty way to do business, and one we do not believe in.  We strive towards being fair and ensure everything is done legally to protect both ourselves and our customers from any unnecessary legal action. You can rest assured that with us, you are in safe hands. 


  • Article Builder

  • Canva Pro

  • Crello

  • Ecomhunt

  • Grammarly

  • Ispionage

  • Keywordtool

  • Longtail Pro

  • Lynda

  • Majestic

  • Moz Pro

  • One Hour Indexing

  • Pexda

  • Picmonkey

  • Quetext

  • Sale Hoo

  • XEMRu$h

  • Skillshare

  • Spamzilla

  • Spin Rewriter

  • Spyfu

  • Stack Skills

  • Unbounce

  • UberSuggest

  • Vyond (Goanimate)

  • Woorank

  • Wordai

  • Buzzstream

    Bonus tool on service

  • Buzzsumo

    Bonus tool on service

  • Cognitive SEO

    Bonus tool on service

  • Crazyegg

    Bonus tool on service

  • Indexification

    Bonus tool on service

  • Keyword Revealer

    Bonus tool on service

  • Longtail Pro

    Bonus tool on service

  • Oncrawl

    Bonus tool on service

  • Quillbot

    Bonus tool on service

  • Screaming Frog

    Bonus tool on service

Note: Bonus / Free tools are the complementary tools by service, so there is no guarantee for uptime and we have rights to discontinue any tool as per resource availability.


Now It's Decision Time!

We do not oversell our system, Limited seats are available, finally its time to take decision.



    99% provider provides either trial accounts or steal tools from other providers, we always purchase tools for our service and provides best uptime for all tools.

    We only allow limited members in our group buy, unlike other group buy we do not oversell our service.

    Provides instant support via multiple channels like Live chat, Email, Support Tickets, email and Facebook chat.

    All the stuff is purchased via 100% legal ways, we do not purchase tools from hacked credit cards or via tricks available in black-hat world.

    We do not provide service via in-secure portable browsers, custom compiled exe files or browser extensions, you do not need to download any file to use our service.

    We already monitor our service via 3rd party monitoring services like MalCare, all our services are virus and malware free.




100%Pain and Problems

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Group Buy means we treat as middle man we purchase all the tools that marketers and professional needs and then we provide them everything at a fraction of cost.

Because not everyone can afford expensive SEO Tools, Agencies and big marketing giants have big budgets for SEO Tools but startups and freelancers have limited budget so here comes the Group Buy, anyone who has very limited usage can purchase tools in sharing via group buy

Absolutely not, because those who have high usage purchase directly from providers, but those who already cannot afford and have limited usage have no option to use such expensive tools, via group buy they can also use SEO tools, group buys are not for high-end users therefore it won’t damage the tool providers.

Our activation process is simple, all accounts activated automatically via our system instantly once you pay the subscription fee via PayPal. Accounts paid via Credit Card or Bank Transfer activated manually this may take upto 24 hours time.

You can access everything by logging into our system. Once you have logged-in you will see a list of all available tools, just simply click tool of your choice and start using it
No, we do not provide any password, instead you can access everything via our portal
It depends how you use tool, if you do research via using tools, other users won’t be able to see your data, if you monitor your websites via tools, in that case other users might see your data.
No matter if you are a Windows user, MAC user, Linux user or even want to use service on mobile phones, our system is so robust and user friendly you can use it anywhere you want.
Yes, you can use our service anywhere you want, but one time on one device.

Yes, group buy is only for limited usage, if you have high usage purchase directly from providers, we do not allow API, Bulk features and several section of various tools, Also all tools are shared between 1:10 ratio means you can use upto one tenth usage of any tool.

No, the tools are already shared between multiple users, therefore further sharing is prohibited, if you share your login with another user our system will detect it and your account might get permanently blocked automatically.
No, although we try our best to provide maximum uptime as it’s our business, however, sometime tool provider block accounts, sometime limit exceeds and sometime due to an update from provider tools might not work properly, although we try our best to provide maximum uptime to our users.

For most of the tools we have nearly 99.9% uptime, for very few tools we have nearly 80% uptime.

We have a zero refund policy, please do research service, read 3rd party reviews, watch videos about our service then purchase it


We are one of the pioneers of the SEO Tools Sharing industry. We have been in business since 2012, offering the worlds' first, and most advanced, self-developed SEO Tools sharing platform. We cover 360-degree platforms. SEO Group Buy is a service created by Marketers for Marketers. Therefore, we know exactly what tools you need to get your job done. We have over 50 SEO / PPC tools that are monitored 24/7. We strive for excellence and provide the best support and service in the whole SEO Tools sharing industry.


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