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Mangools Group Buy: The Best SEO Tools for You

If you want to track keywords, stalk your competition, and find keywords on Google to expound your own keyword usage then Mangools will be the best SEO all-in-one tools for you. Why? Because instead of using multiple software to do each task with Mangools you can accomplish all of them in one single platform since all the features are already available. Other SEO tool can only provide one or two service but with Mangools you can have everything. it is wise to consider Mangools Group Buy for a cheaper price.

Where It All Started

Mangools as a platform did not start as an all-in-one platform because it begun with only one service which was formerly named as a KWFInder last 2014. Nevertheless, the persistence to serve clients more have been the drive to make it a tool that can do everything, so the founder together with the CEO of the company decided to develop four types of tools; they made sure to have four teams that will help build and develop four SEO tools group buy. These SEO tools are KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher and Linkminer.

  • SEO Tool 1: KWFinder

KWFinder is built to make the keyword research more interesting since the user can effortlessly get precise search volume and perform different keyword finding searches.

  • SEO Tool 2:SERPChecker

SERPChecker is made to analyze and further SEO look-outs on the users competitors; the user can access their data on their web pages. It can be done easily because of the almost 50 SEO metrics available for the users judgement.

  • SEO Tool 3: SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher is the third tool in Mangools which is made to help the user track its keyword performance and its rank rate on the search engines. The user can use any form of device to perform the said search.

  • SEO Tool 4: LinkMiner

LinkMiner is an effective tool to use when the user wants to monitor the competitor’s backlink profiles. The tool can allow the user to see all the details regarding with the backlinks that are used by the competitor.

Mangools is the precise tool you need for your SEO because it is less cheaper compared to other SEO tools available which only caters few SEO services. Mangools is a package that features four types of tools. Why invest in four different tools while you can invest in one and have everything. You will pay for one SEO tool that has all.

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