Group Buy Buffer Account

Social Media Marketing and Buffer Group Buy

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to actually earn a living nowadays. The main idea behind social media marketing is the fact that the traffic being generated by the site is directly proportional to the number of possible customers that the store can get. On top of that, there is no physical store so there wouldn’t be any mortgage and there wouldn’t be any bills to pay. Still, the store will be able to get the sales that it needs. However, with the number of social media sites that we can use, management will be a bigger problem.

The Solution

In order to solve the management issue, you will have to be able to accurately control everything in one place. This will also avoid redundancy and mistakes in the social media platforms which will definitely affect the sales and the stocks. There are several software applications that we can use like Buffer. These software applications can also track the traffic which will be beneficial for your marketing. You will be able to assess which part of the platform will need improvement in order to increase the traffic. You can call this a control center in which you not need any extra manpower to accurately run.

The Buffer Pricing Model

Of course, these things will come at a certain price. With the number of small businesses that are still starting to grow, this might be a really big investment that cannot be achieved at the soonest possible time. The good news is that there are some ways in order to make the prices cheaper like group buying. This will lower the price as well as give several benefits to the buyers depending on the seller. People can also take advantage of sales that are always happening in the internet market.

Group Buying

This is actually popularized by people who are buying from the internet and it can now be used to almost anything. Buffer Group Buy can be done if several social media marketers come together and buy plans at one time. One payment will also be done. In essence, this is like wholesale so the price will definitely be lower. There will be some challenges on the first time since the organizer will have to look for participants, but after the first success, this can actually be a continuous business which will evolve to other stores eventually. This can be done with stocks, markets and more.

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