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If you are trying to build links to help your Google rankings shoot up, I am afraid that you are wasting much of time, effort and resources. Why? From statistics, Google finds less than 5% of all the links you buy and build. Now, if Google doesn’t find your links, be sure your rankings won’t go up.

Step up your game with Linklicious If you want to see your rankings shoot up. Linklicious was the first crawling and indexing service established to help online marketers increase their links quickly without much labor and getting Google, and other search engines crawl to their web pages. From the numerous Linklicious reviews, it is true that this service is a great avenue of building traffic for all bloggers and website owners.

Linklicious offers three different packages: One is the Linklicious free trial, the second one is 14.50 per month, and the last one is 54.50 a month. The Linklicious trial package will help track all the spiders across the link inputted and deliver real-time results. Included in the package is a user defined publishing schedule to drop links slowly. On the other hand, the basic package will help pin each RSS feed link individually, and, therefore, reduces the time for spiders to find the inputted links. The Pro-version pins 50000 links a day, expose API for posting links, use the domain name for shortening and feed hosting.

Considering Linklicious pricing, it is a bit expensive especially if you are considering using many tools for your website. This is where we come in and provide you with the Linklicious group buy providing you with Linklicious tool along with 20+ tools for just $27 a month. Stop wasting your valuable time and hard-earned cash building links that will never help your rankings improve. Get a chance to supercharge your SEO and increase your site rankings with our package today!


Step Up Your SEO Game


  • Guaranteed Indexing

We tested and retested indexing strategies for over a year and developed a recipe for getting Google.

  • Stop Wasting Money

Google finds less than 5% of all the links you buy and build. If Google doesn’t find them, your rankings won’t go up. So stop wasting money building links that never help your rankings improve. Make ALL of your link building count and submit them through Linklicious to watch your rankings climb. 

  • Most Effective Service

We were the first to develop a crawling and indexing service, and we continue to push the envelope through constant testing. We proved back in 2010 that RSS feeds actually hurt rankings, and are the only service that allows you to keep your links in the system for longer than 14 days. Think Google notices when your links disappear from other services? Of course!



Jungle scout doesn’t exaggerate when it says it’s the largest link index database. Although it doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel with its tactics, sometimes going back to basics in terms of developing your backlink database is just what you need. The service includes SEO and social media trackers, metrics, statistics, charts, pitch compiler, portfolio management, and SEO auditing.




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