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  1. KWFinder & Register Compass - UPDATE

    Dear Members, Register compass tool has been updated and uploaded on the Remote Desktop server.  Members are requested to please use our RDP server in order to access these tools. However KWFinder tool is not available. Someone has changed the password. We have alro tried to reset the password, but it is not working. We are working to get back this tool. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks & Regards, Support Team
  2. Dear Members, Register compass tool - lOgin issue has been successfully resolved.  It is working perfectly fine. Please check it before opening any ticket or live chat. Thanks and Regard, Support Team
  3. Dear Members, We really apologize to all the Silver, Gold & Register compass (Individual tool) subscribers. It's been over 6 days & register Compass is not working. We have already sent a renewal request, but there is an issue with our Debit Card, its not accepting it. We are trying othr payment methods to get the Register Compass tool.  As soon as the payment issue is resolved, it will be added in the LastPass section of our Firefox Portable browser. It is requested to the embers to be patient and co-operate with us. Thanks
  4. Register Compass Tool - (Sep 18 2017)

    Dear members,  Register Compass tool is working fine and it has already present on the homapage of the Firefox Portable browser (Sep 12 2017) with other session based tools. Please check it before creating any support ticket.