Saved Compaigns can Be seen By Others?
We runing a Groupbuy service and all accounts are shared among members. Each member in the SEO GroupBuy have his own business, no one have time to see what others are doing.

However if you have a secret data or you don’t want to let others see, so Groupbuy is not for you, buy dedicated or private accounts. We provide group buy accounts for limited usage at a very affordable price.

Official & Unofficial tools?
All the tools which are mentioned on our website ( home page are part of our service (Depends on Plan).
We can assure up-time for these tools.

However we provide many other tools that are not mentioned on our website’s home page but we are sharing those tools from other users, providers and partners. As we are not the legitimate buyers of those tools therefore we cannot assure up-time for those tools. You can use those tools as you want however if those tools goes down or wont work we cannot guarantee anything about it.

Session Based Tools
In our Firefox Portable browser, there are some tools which are based on session.

These tools when expired then we have to wait for it until the browser will not update. We can’t put them into the LastPass section because of security reasons.

If any problem occurs then we have to wait for it. Normally we deploy next browser within 24 to 48 hours.

How to find the RDP & Proxy Login Credentials
Clients can easily find their Proxy and Remote Desktop (RDP) login credentials from the member section.

In order to access member section, please click on the given link and login with your SEO GroupBuy member credentials.

Official Tools Package Info
SEO GroupBuy provides 30+ tools access to the customers.
Browser security Issue
Please note that we have tested our Firefox Portable browser via several antivirus programs, our Portable Firefox is completely in-house modified and there is no virus (including Malware, Trojan Horse etc) in it.

However, it connects the internet via built-in proxy and transmits passwords of the tools from our website ( to SEO tools official websites, therefore some antivirus treats it as virus.
Please add our browser in the exception list of your Antivirus program. We assure you that our program is completely virus free and we do not gather any personal data from our users. Our service is trusted by 2000+ internet marketers worldwide, we respect trust of our users, we never gather any kind of data.

We have recently launched this 2.0 version of Portable Mozilla Firefox on 12th September 2017, please provide us your valuable feedback, we will improve our services on the basis of our users feedback.

What is RDP?
Recently we have launched a windows based Remote Desktop service for our Silver and Gold subscribers.

Now Silver or Gold subscribers will get a free remote desktop ID (Unique for each user), they can use for any purpose. Even we have installed all SEO tools on Remote Desktop so they can enjoy our services via Remote Desktop.
MAC users can only use our service via remote desktop as our developed seo tool Portable browser is not supported on MAC system directly.

How to Cancel Subscription?
All subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time if they want. But they will not eligible to ask for refund if there is no issue from our side. Normally we solve all the issues related to payments , accounts, tools within 24 to 72 hours max ETA.

1. If “Recurring payment” is activated in Paypal then first they need to cancel recurring payment from their Paypal account, so from the next month, their payment will not be detected.

2. If “Recurring payment” is activated in Credit Card (Bluesnap) then client have to ask us to cancel recurring payment before  48 hours (When the next payment is about to due) so we will cancel their recurring subscription for the next month, their payment will not be detected.

Proxy Login Safe or secure?
We provide access to the tools via Proxy login credentials in our Firefox Portable browser. Many clients are continuously asking is it safe or secure?

It is totally a secure procedure, in this way we can continuously monitoring our users and check them if they are abusing our accounts or not.
In this way each user has its own unique proxy credential and all users are using our service with our particular static ip so that the tools will not be banned if users login from different locations.

Remote Desktop - Important Points
  1. Shared Remote Desktop service is only for using SEO tools, not for running heavy custom software or applications.
  2. All session on RDP server will disconnect after 5 minutes once you close RDP connection from your local computer.
  3. Do not save your critical data on RDP server as we change servers without any prior information.