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Keyword Revealer is a free SEO tool that will allow us to evaluate the competition you have a keyword in positioning in Google. Therefore, it is a truly useful tool for SEO. It should be noted that when the Google Keyword Planner is used, the competition is reflected here does not refer to the difficulty of positioning in search results, but the competition among advertisers.

The information you provide us Keyword Tool Revealer is different. It informs us of how difficult it will be appear in the top positions of Google. Therefore, it allows us to determine whether or not we should focus to a specific keyword or keyword. In this sense, a keyword with a lot of searches, but with much competition, we not interesting, because the time and effort (personal and financial) invested in reaching top positions, not worth the result.

In general, SMEs have no knowledge of SEO (95% probably) should not focus on keywords with a higher competence to 40. That does not mean that no content published on keywords with a higher level of competition but their efforts should be directed to position other words, more concrete and simple, so that the finished reporting strategy and customer visits.

In general, brands do not have a high competition, as they are themselves. But be careful, because brands that appear out of nowhere, not ever being searched in Google, they can cause errors. For example, some time ago I wanted to start a business called “Vokozi” and to search Google for a long time, we threw results “Voki” instead of “Vokozi” because no one had ever looked Vokozi in Google, and the search understood that I was wrong to make the query.

If that happens, the Keyword Tool Revealer also be wrong. To check if the tool is mistaken, make sure the “Top Ten Google Ranking” tool that shows you is the same that appears on Google for the exact keyword of your brand. If not the same results, is that the tool is failing. These errors happen when Google gives results of a keyword other than what you’re looking for (when shows that of: “Showing results” and the keyword that you think you meant). Therefore, it is not common, and happens only with new brands, but it can happen, and so he said. If you’re looking more typical keywords like “buy cheap iPhone” (for example), you should not have this problem.